What is KontaKKu?

Kontakku is a new concept of how to save your contacts and notes by online. It is like your contacts phone but with more cool features. You can use kontakku everywhere and anywhere.

Why use KontaKKu?

In daily life, you will face situation where you need to save your contacts in one phone, but when you phone is gone or stealed you need to write your contacts again on your new phone. You don't need to write your contacts many times just saving here and it will be the last. Don't worry if you have many smartphone because your contacts are not saved in your phone but in server. Use kontakku as your second contacts backup.

Friend Online And Offline?

If you have friends who are using KontaKKu too you can invite him/her to be your contacts friend online. But if your friends haven't used KontaKKu you can save him/her contact too through friends offline.

Is it free?

Yes, for now it is 100% free to register. Register Now Here. But if you want more access and capacity you can change your member type.

Is it secure?

Your contacts will be saved in server and It's secure to save here as long as you don't give your account


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